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Why polyurethane injection?

Why poly lift?

Save Money

Lifting is far more cost-effective than replacing concrete. And poly foam injection is designed to be a long-term solution, reducing the need for repeated service that often accompanies other methods.

Save Time

We level your concrete and then we get out of your way! Many projects can be competed in two hours or less, and 15 minutes after we’re finished you can get back to life as usual. No waiting hours or days for your concrete to carry the load again!

Less invasive

Our drill holes are only 5/8″. That’s the size of a dime! And depending on the size of the project, we only need a few of those holes. Plus we don’t use heavy equipment that will tear up your grass and leave mud everywhere!


Replacing cracked or unlevel concrete may seem like a permanent fix, but once it settles in the soil, a new slab can still experience the same problems. Poly foam is light, strong, and won’t shrink or wash away, making it a more durable alternative to mudjacking.

Safety first!

Did you know that anything over a 1/4″ difference in height between two sections of concrete violates the Americans with Disabilities Act? That steps should be 7-3/4″ high, no more, no less? Why risk a dangerous situation? Quit trippin’ and call Active Poly Lift today!



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